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The Making of a Composite

This year my oldest Annabelle was getting ready to start Kindergarten and I was left wondering what to do to uniquely capture this memory.  The added challenge is we are Home Schooling.  There will be no big yellow bus or a school classroom or teacher (with the exception of me).  We will have the world and our home and our Classical Conversations community meeting on Friday’s.

I was left wondering and wondering…..   Then! I came across a post by April Reeves Photography (click here) of her beautiful daughter in this stunning dress.  I knew right away I must have that dress for these images.  I knew who I would have make it and I contacted Jennifer Ray (click here) and she already new the exact pattern to use.  She’s amazing at dress making.

But I was still wondering what to do… So I turned to my friend Rowena Cherry (click here) to help brainstorm deskwith me.  I had started thinking I wanted to represent that the world is our classroom and not a physical classroom in a brick building.  So I came up with a giraffe holding a chalkboard that had a G on it.  Since it was Kindergarten and she will be learning the basics this was a perfect idea.  From there we just kept going.

I also, knew I had this old antique school desk I wanted to include. I photographed the desk for Rowena and she was able to incorporate it.


Meanwhile I took my girls to the fabric store searching for fabric and found THE fabric and one that would match20883151_10155071702068893_473816340_o it.  So now we had to include Olivia and Ella too.

Jennifer was now commissioned to make two dresses for me.  I already had one for my youngest that my Mom had made a few years back.

In talking to Rowena we went back and forth with the design and the over all feel and placement of the subjects.  She made room for the other two girls and we included enough animals so it was obvious what the concept was.  She is awesome to work with!

After getting the dresses and the finished background I rushed home to photograph my kiddos to get them placed in the image.  This was the day before her first big day of school. So time was ticking.  Rowena was right there by my side and even making tweaks to move the whole thing up a bit to make room for my two other girls on the floor.  Below are the SOOC image I used to cut out and add to the composite:







I finished at 11:30pm the night before the first day!  I could’t be happier with the outcome…  Thank you Jennifer and Rowena for all your help!

3G is for BG imaginationbyrowena 2017 (1) copy

If you would like to purchase this background or order your own custom image please visit Rowena at ImagInation by Rowena on Etsy.

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